[Networking] Detect Open Ports on a Remote Computer Using ‘netcat’

Ever needed to detect open ports on a remote machine for purely altruistic reasons? Once again, netcat to the rescue! You can easily scan a range of ports on a given IP address using our networking swiss army knife. You want to find out if any ports are open between ports 1024 and 2048 on […]

[Networking] Create a Simple TCP Socket Server in Bash with ‘netcat’

From time to time, you might need to throw together a simple socket server in your terminal for testing or debugging purposes. Luckily, this is easy using the networking swiss army knife that is netcat. Let’s see an example. Kim wants to listen locally on port 1024 for all traffic and simply dump the output […]

[Debian/Ubuntu] Determine What Version of a Package Is Installed

Ever wanted to know what version of something is installed on your Debian, Ubuntu, or Linux Mint machine? Sure, there’s usually something provided in the package’s executable file to tell you what version the installed software is, but what if there isn’t? Or, what if you’d like to easily determine it for yourself? We can […]

[Media] Copy ID3 Tags From One File To Another With ‘id3cp’

This post’s going to be a short one, but have you ever needed to simply copy all ID3 tags from one MP3 tags to another? Since lame notoriously wipes all ID3 info when reencoding MP3 files, id3cp really comes in handy after a reencode. Invocation is as easy as inputting a source file and a […]

[Automation] Running Things in the Future (Repeatedly) with ‘cron’

Ah ‘cron‘. The grandaddy of all schedulers. Need to run something at a given interval? How about at specific times in the hour, day, week, and month? The ‘cron‘ program has you covered; it’s been around longer than some of us have been alive. One important thing to note is that we don’t use ‘cron‘ […]

[Automation] Running Things in the Future (Just Once) with ‘at’ and ‘batch’

Ever wanted to run something in the future, just once? The Linux ‘at‘ command will do the trick, allowing you to run just about any script or shell command at any one given point in the future. Is it easy? Heck yes it is! All you need to do is pipe your commands to the […]